Mendocino Generations is a group of compliant small farmers united in cultivating sun grown, organic cannabis. Our multi-generational members produce and promote clean cannabis, preserving our culture and community while being respectable stewards of the land.

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About Mendocino Generations

Arcanna's Farm Collective, Mendocino Generations, contracts with permitted farmers who grow organically and work together to find unique solutions to agricultural issues. Our collaborative business model was designed to help empower the whole and does so by offering direct support to the members of our network. We offer final members tiers for anyone interested in joining our alliance and vet all applicants to ensure they align with our community and grow practices before accepting them into our network. If you’re interested in joining Mendocino Generations as a farm, you can begin the application process here

“My favorite part about working with Mendo Gen is the community and support. With so much change in the industry, it's wonderful to have such an amazing group of likeminded humans with similar goals and lifestyles to work and share ideas with. We are all in this together; putting our hearts into it and making history."-- Ashley, Redwood Valley, Ca

UV is an acronym for "Ukiah Valley", which is the Mendocino County appellation where we are blessed to be located and "Ultraviolet" because we harness the energy of the Sun in all of our growing environments whether greenhouses or outdoors.

Drawing off of 25+ years of growing and breeding experience with an emphasis on sustainable farming best-practices. We cultivate with organic micronized compost teas and amendments, integrated pest management (IPM) and living soil. Our primary focus is on exceptionally high CBD genetics along with some select high-THC medicinal grade flowers with proven analytics. We currently hold the record at Sonoma Lab Works for the highest CBD potency flower at 25.02%.

Mission Statement:

Our goal is to provide high quality, organic clean medicine for our members while giving back to our community.

Putting Patients first:

We firmly believe in the medical powers of the marijuana plant and take pride in our ability to deliver the highest quality flowers through our proprietary genetics and cultivation methods. Making a medical impact is our passion.

Giving Back:

UV Organics pledges 5% of our CBD Flowers to the Wounded Warriors Project, helping those truly in need.


Giving Tree Farms cultivates highly-tailored cannabis strains in small batches using a combination of science and organic farming techniques in the Anderson Valley appellation of Mendocino County. Our full-bodied cannabinoid rich flowers vary in scent, flavor, and sensation. The key to our cultivation success begins with the careful selection of the plant genetics and continues with the complex formation of our living soil organisms.


Giving Tree Farms mission is to bring awareness to the importance of looking further than the percentage of THC in the flower. We, at Giving Tree Farms,  focus on cultivating a well-rounded flower. Our breeding and cultivation efforts strive to release the full genetic potential of the cannabis plant. Resulting in a better balance of all of the existing cannabinoids and terpenoids. There is no argument that the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis, phytocannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is the most recognizable cannabinoid found in the plant. With cannabidiol, CBD, easily taking second place in terms of popularity. Giving Tree Farms strives to produce flowers with a deeper understanding of the less popular cannabinoids, such as cannabinol (CBN) and cannabichromene (CBC). Even though these compounds are found in smaller concentrations than THC and CBD, their importance should not be underestimated. The power of the entourage effect should not be minimized.

Giving Tree Farms has a deep respect for the clinical research by Raphael Mechoulam which demonstrated the entourage effects between phytocannabinoid-terpenoid interactions in cannabis-based medicinal extracts. This research began the exploration of the medical uses of the entourage effect of cannabis with respect to treatment of pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, addiction, epilepsy, cancer, fungal and bacterial infections. Giving Tree Farms believes each person's journey with cannabis is unique, and should be led by research and awareness. Know your cannabis is our motto.

My name is Ashley Oldham, I’m the Owner/Master Farmer of Frost Flower Farms, I am a single mother of two, born off the grid on a regenerative cannabis producing homestead in the hills of Mendocino County. My whole life I have been fully immersed and dedicated to a sustainable, earth conscious and organic farming lifestyle. As a second generation cannabis farmer with 15 years of hands-on cannabis experience​​, as well as a lifetime of organic farming experience, I have always felt an immense passion, love and respect for the cannabis plant. I have studied herbalism, working with and respecting many other herbs… but to me, nothing can compare to the pure magic that is cannabis. I have dedicated my life to working with this amazing plant and teaching others to do the same.

Today our farm sits on a beautiful property on the Redwood Valley floor of Mendocino County, home to myself, my two kids, a giant dog, chickens and too many cats. Our farm is run by three talented, heart-driven, motivated women. The farm is composed of three greenhouses; a main fully automated light deprivation greenhouse, two staging greenhouses and a clone room. All greenhouses have water catchment systems, that feed into an aerated fishpond full of microbial life and back into our plants. Each greenhouse drains into a storage/ tea tank, which we brew compost tea in and feedback to our plants, creating a zero water waste feeding system. The beds in our greenhouse are full of worms and topped with compost and manure, keeping our soil healthy and alive. Our main greenhouse is cooled with automated roll up sides, roof vents and an evaporative cooling wall, keeping our carbon footprint low while controlling the climate.

We are dedicated to growing the highest quality, artisanal, organic, sustainable, pesticide free, love-filled cannabis that we can. We put our hearts into it and we hope to inspire others to do the same.

Our full sun Cannabis farm sits alongside oaks, bays, pears, walnuts, apples, olives and fig trees. We are committed to organic and regenerative farming practices and being stewards of the land.


Big Cherry​: Clone Mild berry and alfalfa smell. Long lasting and very stony buzz

White Berry:​ (Blueberry x White Widow) Clone Earthy Lime and black pepper with hint of floral. Uplifting buzzy sativa in light doses, heavier use brings a hazy couch-lock that can last for hours.

Next eight varieties were all bred in Mendocino County by breeders looking for desired characteristics and resistance to powdery mildew.

Kiwi:  ​(Pineapple x Hashplant) Seed Strong sweet fruity (pineapple) smell. Dreamy lasting sedative effect, good for initiating an afternoon nap.

Afghan Blue Goo:​ (Blueberry x Afgooey) *Incorrectly gave Blue Dream as parent previously Seed Mild grapefruit/blueberry smell Uplifting creative start of high often delivers relaxing sleepy effects soon afterward.

Blue Diamond Max​ :(Blue Dream x Jorges Diamond) x (Pineapple x Hashplant) Seed Turpentine and fruit smell Creeping painkilling sedative effect.

Berry Nice Goo:​ (White Berry x (Mr. Nice x Afgooey)) Seed Sweet and sour gassy aroma. Creeping strong mellow high, appetite stimulating, good for insomnia.

Cherry Shishka Berry​: (Big Cherry x Shishka Berry) Seed Mild fruit and berry aroma. Happy head buzz good for socializing leading into indica laziness. Jorges Diamond​ (A mendo version of JD with Laytonville’s Yellow Betty) Seed Pine tar and citrus smell. Strong long lasting body buzz, calming and happy.

Blue Dream Vortex​ (Blue Dream x Vortex) Seed Sweet and sour lemon berry smell. Strong swirling euphoric riptide high.

Babushka​: (Blue Dream x Bubba Kush) x (Hashplant x Chemdawg) Seed Fruity paint thinner floral smell. Intense buzzy muscle relaxing sedative high not all that long lived.

Coastal Ridge Botanicals is an off-the-grid mom and pop farm organically growing high-quality medicine with biodynamic influences.  We have developed our own boutique strains of artisan cannabis in harmony with nature. Read more. 

Recipients of the 2016 Emerald Cup Regenerative Farm award for our commitment to land stewardship, we are Dragonfly Earth Medicine Pure certified which ensures our cannabis is clean and free of pesticides and cultivated in a way that regenerates the resources of the planet.  Read more.

Bio Coming Soon!

Bio Coming Soon!

At Sunbright Gardens, we are committed to only using organic methods from seed to flower. Grown in full sunshine in the mountains of Mendocino County from our garden to you. Read more. 

Nestled in a sun-drenched meadow amongst the redwoods of Mendocino County, lays Sweet Sisters Farm. A gem of a farmstead that was reclaimed from the logging industry decades ago; is now a farm that works in harmony with the land.  Read more.

Based out of Mendocino County, Herbanology is a farming collective producing hand made artisan crafts and medicines. We work off grid in harmony with the surrounding environment. We are dedicated to helping heal the ecosystem.  Permaculture as well as Soil Biology and Microscopy practices are intertwined in the production of our flowers resulting in ingredients that have been grown with the highest of standards.

One Feather Ranch is a family run, off grid, organic, and sustainable ranch, located high in the hills of Redwood Valley and Willits on approx. 500 acres of forest and rolling hills. Our mission is to continue research and development on medicinal strains with emphasis on THCV and CBD rich varieties.Read More.

To learn more about Mendocino Generations, please go to Arcannaflowers.com


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